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Product: NeuroTime®
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NeuroTime® is designed to facilitate the identification of Central Nervous System structures, learning of the associated terminology, and interpretation of magnetic resonance images of the brain. The program includes high quality images of intact and dissected gross specimens of the brain and spinal cord, thick and thin sections of the whole brain in sagittal, coronal and horizontal planes and magnetic resonance (MR) images in sagittal, coronal and axial planes.

Neural structures can be studied in several ways.  For a given image, the name of the structure can be selected from a scrolling list and a transparent, colored overlay appears over that structure.  In reverse, a structure can be selected on the screen and its name will be highlighted.  A dialog box at the bottom of the screen provides information about the selected structure.  If one wishes to see a structure in all images that contain it, select the "Glossary", then the structure and a clickable list of all structures containing that structure will appear.

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* Interactive
* Identification modes
* Real brain dissections
* MRI and sections in three planes
* Transparent overlays indicate structures

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Cost Per Year: $10.00

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